Silly & Gay Alien TV Shows You Really Need To Enjoy Before Roswell NM?

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Roswell, New Mexico, is the perfect stop for a day or two. Before you visit, binge on these fun and silly gay-ish alien TV shows.

There are three RV parks within walking distance of downtown and a charming art scene with two world-class museums.

The main attraction, though, is the entire experience around The Roswell Incident. According to locals, in 1947, the wreckage of a UFO was discovered right outside of Roswell which began a decades-long conspiracy and cover-up by the government of aliens arriving on Earth.

All of Roswell is full of fun and kitsch alien experiences.

But why does the experience have to wait until you arrive? Binge these shows before you arrive, or after your departure, to keep believing.Silly & gay alien tv shows you really need to enjoy before Roswell NM?

The Neighbors - "I Want To Profess My Love Of Dick"

The Neighbors

This smart and simple comedy features a suburban neighborhood full of aliens who are stuck on Earth due to, essentially, a missing phone charger. These Zabvrovians are just living their best lives when, after ten years on Earth in secret, the human Weaver family moves into the neighborhood.

The Neighbors - I Want To Smack the Entire Cast Of Glee

With names like Larry Bird and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, chosen to evade suspicion of course, what follows is two seasons of easy watching fish-out-of-water, laugh-out-loud, self-aware 30-minute comedy. Both the aliens and their new neighbors trying to maintain their humanity and sanity.

Originally aired on ABC from 2012-2014.

Available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Resident Alien - you shouldn't trust your balls - they're nuts

Resident Alien

Take a trip a bit deeper into this small town in New Mexico, just miles from Roswell, and meet Harry.

Harry has been sent to destroy Earth, but crashes his ship and must search for his special device while maintaining a low profile. Learning how to be human from reruns of Law and Order, Harry keeps a low profile even when he is accidentally appointed as the town doctor.

That is, until one of the local children is able to see Harry for the alien he truly is and the moral dilemma ensues.

With dark-leaning humor, a charming diverse cast, and an hour-long serial format, Resident Alien is the perfect evening binge for your days before Roswell.

Originally aired on SyFy.

Now available on Peacock.

Free trial of Peacock for new members. Click here to get started.

Solar Opposites - Dig Old Bicks

Solar Opposites

You don’t have to even be a fan of aliens or cartoons to enjoy this wickedly smart animated series.

When an invading platoon of aliens make themselves at home on earth, disguised as what they think is a typical Earth family and begin their process of assimilation and reconnaissance.

Solar Opposites - Pleasure This Creature

The laws of physics, futuristic technologies, and classic stories of family and community come together at the end of each episode.

A Hulu original.

Third Rock - I AM GORGEOUS

Third Rock from the Sun

Dig into your archives with this classic sitcom featuring a cast of known favorites including Jane Curtin, John Lithgow, Kristen Johnson, French Stewart, and the then-unknown Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

This team of aliens choose human forms to come learn about Earth on a two-week mission, but when the time comes to return to their home planet they realize that Earth has so much still for them to explore.

This hilarious fish-out-of-water sitcom ran for six seasons from 1996-2001.

Watch it now on Peacock,, or on Prime Video.

Bonus Watch – Mork and Mindy

Dig into the alien archives and meet Mork from Ork, played by the late and great Robin Williams, who comes to earth to study its residents. Mork arrived in an egg, and most memorably greeted everyone with the phrase Nanuu Nanuu.

Mork and Mindy is unfortunately not streaming anywhere right now, but you can get the DVD set for quite a value on Amazon.

What are your favorite funny alien shows? What else would you recommend watching to get into the Roswell spirit? Comment below!


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