Gay Camping This Autumn Weekend – November 11-13, 2022

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The smells of Fall are in the air out at gay campgrounds this weekend for a weekend full of events for men.

That crisp smell of freshly-fallen leaves. The smokey-sweet scent of embers while sitting around the bonfire. The warm and nutty aroma of the Nuts4Nuts carts as you push through the crowds to see the tree at 30 Rock.

But this weekend, it’s the smell of men and chili if you’re heading to one of the gay campgrounds still open through the season.

This weekend, we are at Whispering Oaks in TN! If you are in the area, come say hi!

Here’s what’s up this week in gay camping:

Whispering Oaks
Hampshire, TN (between Nashville and Memphis)
Men in Uniform Weekend

This weekend, grab your favorite meat (or vegan equivalent) and cook up your favorite chili recipe at the annual Whispering Oaks Veteran’s Day Chili Cookoff.

Camper Chefs prepare their best recipes to compete for bragging rights and the much fought after Golden Chef’s Hat!

We entered the Chili Cookoff a few months ago at Shadow Falls gay campground in British Columbia! Watch this video to follow our journey to potential victory!

Once you’ve enjoyed all the chili, it’s time for Whispering Oaks LIVE! on the stage. Then, the Military Ball 2022 with dancing at CLUB WO.

To honor Veteran’s Day, on Saturday a group is gathering to write festive notes and cards of gratitude to servicepersons around the globe. If there is a special active or veteran serviceman or servicewoman you want to write or honor, let the event host know.

We are here at Whispering Oaks this weekend! Come taste our chili and meet Brutus. It’s a quiet week here, the crowds will be very small and friendly!

Cactus Canyon Campground and Resort painted at entrance

Speaking of chili cookouts, we took part in the annual tradition at Shadow Falls gay campground in British Columbia, Canada. We didn’t win, but had a blast trying. Check out this video of all the fun!

Benji and Brendon enter the Chili Cookoff at Shadow Falls in British Columbia, Canada

CampOut Alabama
Geneva, AL
Fall Colors Weekend

You missed their outrageous Halloween weekend, featuring the largest immersive spooky gay maze we have ever seen!

This weekend celebrates the coronation of Mr. CampOut!

You will cast your vote in the 3rd Annual Mr. Campout 2022 Competition.

There will be judgement… There will be sexy men… There will be a crown.

This is no ordinary competition! Categories include:

  • Introduction With A Real Housewife Tagline
  • Sexy Swimwear
  • Campy Campwear
  • Group Lipsync

The winner receives a cherished prime parking spot next to the Toolshed!

We visited CampOut and explored the massive Toolshed structure! Watch this 2-minute hilarious video of us trying to figure out how some of these play room contraptions are used.

CampOut Alabama also has a rare opportunity available right now. Their new expansion is almost full, there are only 4 perm spots left. Perms, short for permanent, means that you can part your camper or RV there and have a spot any time you want. We love meeting the perms as we travel around the country on our big gay campground RV tour; they truly define the spirit and vibe of every spot.

Four men in a photo entering a lodge. A glitter cutout of a rooster. Abs with the Campout Alabama logo. 3rd Annual Mr Campout 2022 competition. There will be judgement. There will be sexy men. There will be a crown. Nov 11-13

Rainbow Ranch
Groesbeck, TX (between Dallas, Waco, Austin, and College Station)
Fall Men’s Fest

You can be both a pimp and a ho at this weekend’s Fall Men’s Fest at Rainbow Ranch in Texas.

Rainbow Ranch is always open to all members of the LGBTQ+ community, even on weekends when the theme is targeted toward a specific identity within the community – such as this weekend’s theme for men.

We visited Rainbow Ranch last winter, and didn’t know it was not a men’s only campground. We were delighted (and admittedly surprised!) to see friendly lesbians when we arrived! Watch this YouTube Short to laugh with us.

This weekend the 18+ men of Texas will run wild at the You Better Work Party. Dance for dollars in the clubhouse at 11pm on Friday night – and bring your singles for the dance-off.

On Saturday, choose your path with the Big Pimpin’ 70s Deck Party at Site 89, and the Jock & Fur Ho Party at the Clubhouse. Go wild and make a night of it, because the first party starts at 8 and the last party goes until midnight.

Fall Men's Fest Pimp and Ho
Fri Nov 11
Neon lettering, with clip art of a lava lamp and man with big dollar sign chain.


Thanksgiving at Gay Campgrounds

You can always have a special time on Thanksgiving at gay campgrounds, if they aren’t closed for the season.

The LGBTQ+ community has a complicated history with communal holidays such as Thanksgiving. Not everyone was welcome in their own homes and with their own families. That is why the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends or family-of-choice is such a sacred opportunity.

Be part of a welcoming and genuine community this Thanksgiving! Ask us in the comments if you want to know where you can go, and we’ll be writing more about it in the next weeks. You are loved!

And that’s just a taste of what’s happening this week in gay camping!

What are you doing in gay camping this weekend? Did we miss your favorite LGBT campground or event? Let us know in the comments below.

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