Weekly Shabbat Gratitude with Benji & Brendon from Banff

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It is important to pause once in a while and think about what you are grateful for.

This week, we spend Shabbat in Alberta, Canada, at Banff National Park. Sitting at a beautiful vista, Benji and Brendon share their gratitude for family and design.

Click to watch the video above. Tell us what you are grateful for in the comments below.

Here is the transcript of our weekly Shabbat Gratitude video on YouTube:

Benji: It is Friday and another time for us to talk about what we’re grateful for. We are at one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. In Banff in Alberta, Canada.

Shabbat Shalom

Brendon: Good shabbos!

We are in Banff National Park, which is right next door to Jasper National Park. This whole area is …

Benji: Well, that’s not helpful.

Brendon: Well, this whole area is Canada’s first national park.

We are in the mountains. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Benji: It’s sunset.

Brendon: It is sunset. Yes.

Benji: Brendon, what are you grateful for this week?

Brendon: I am grateful for good design.

So often in the States, we go to these beautiful National and State Parks and the campgrounds are separated from the actual nature by an interstate. And you can’t actually access them.

Here, we can bike into the town of Banff and we’ve gone out to restaurants. We’ve gone to the farmer’s market.

This is directly across the street from our RV park. This is what we wake up to every morning.

Benji: Yeah.

It’s pretty incredible.

Brendon: It’s just amazing.

Benji: That’s really nice. So the design that you’re talking about is not like the design of Earth, but the… the urban design of the park and the campground.

Yeah, I went for a hike this morning. There’s multiple hikes that leave from directly behind our trailer.


since what are we calling it a trailer?

Brendon: I don’t know. Cuz we’re staying at Trailer Village. Just like…

Benji: I don’t like that. Let’s call it a motorhome.

Brendon: The motor coach.

Benji: Motor coach. Ooh, I like that.

Brendon: And it’s just really nice to be able to experience all of this without having to move the RV, because we don’t have a car. There’s no stress.

We just bike a mile into town. And then we bike a mile back.

The hill is not really fun. Like someone could have done something about that hill, but …

Benji: Who could have done something about the hill?

Brendon: They were going to blast away this entire mountain to build a tunnel.

We’re staying on Tunnel Mountain, which is where it’s got its name from.

Benji: Why would they blast it away to build a tunnel? They can build the tunnel through it. If they blasted it, they would just build a highway.

Brendon: I don’t know Benji. What are you grateful for?

Benji: What am I grateful for? I am grateful for family.

Brendon: That’s obnoxious.

Benji: That’s you. That’s Brutus. Hi, come here.

Oh, hi.

Brendon: He’s looking like a raggedy mess.

Don’t show him on camera.

Benji: He is a raggedy mess. Oh, say hi.

Brendon: He’s been doing a lot of hiking. He needs a bath, right? You need a bath, you need a bath.

Benji: My baby sister is having a baby soon.

She would hate it. If she found out I called her my baby sister, but she is. She’s five years younger than me.

I still picture her like when I was in college and she was in middle school. Took her to some parties.

She’s having her second baby.

So we are leaving Canada and we’re crossing the border into Montana, heading East through South Dakota. Over to Chicago, to be there for the bris.

We know it’s a boy. We know approximately when it’s coming.

Brendon: Well, we think we know it’s a boy.

I was supposed to be a girl.

Benji: Right.

They are going to have a bris.

Brendon: I would’ve been Brenda.

Fun fact.

Benji: They are going to have a bris. They, the family and the they, oh, geez. And then we’re gonna spend some time with family. We’re gonna get the RV repaired, and I’m just really happy to see family. Since the beginning of our trip, we’ve gotten to see them twice.

Three times. I flew there once.

Oh, Brutus, where are you going?


My other sister who lives in Colorado now, who has lived in Oregon and has lived in India and has lived in Israel and has lived in Bali and has lived in

Brendon: Columbus, Ohio.

Benji: Columbus, Ohio. I think she lived in Costa Rica for a little while.

She’s going to be there in Chicago. Everyone’s gonna be together for the bris, and see cousins. My family’s pretty great.

Brendon: When I met your dad, he thanked me for doing a mitzvah.


Benji: He thanked you for doing a mitzvah?

Brendon: For dating you.

Benji: Oh gosh….

Thanks for the ongoing mitzvah.

Shabbat Shalom, my love.

Brendon: Shabbat Shalom.

Benji: Shabbat Shalom.

Brendon: Should he get his Shabbat toy?

Want your Shabbat toy?

We got him a octopus at a local pet store with nine squeakers.

Benji: Nine squeakers!

Brendon: I’m quite excited.

Benji: Also, should he get a bath for a Shabbat treat?

Brendon: Maybe since we’re in a town with services like animal bathing, we just arrange a service to do it.

Benji: Brendon, we’re still cutting our own hair. We’re not paying for the dog’s hair to get cut.

We’re like in a bunker.

Okay, cutting your hair takes 30 minutes. Cutting the dog’s hair takes six hours.

Cutting my… I wish you took 30 minutes on my hair. You do it in like three minutes and you’re like, ugh, that was so complicated.

Brendon: Okay, find someone else who will do it.

Benji: Okay, you can cut my hair.

I think we veered a little bit off topic.

Brendon: His little hairs are blowing in the wind.

Benji: Oh! He didn’t let me boop him.

Brendon: Boop!


Benji: Gut shabbos!

Brendon: We leave now. Goodbye.

Shabbat Shalom,

Shabbat Shalom. Shabbat Shalom, Brutus. What are you grateful for? Now, you say it.

I already said what I’m grateful for.

No, you’re saying those words to the camera so I can edit it in at the end.

So what are you grateful for?


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