Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Get The Velotric Discover 1 E-Bike

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Digital Nomad RV Life Made Easy With The Velotric Discover1 Urban Commuter E-bike

We have been riding our mango-colored VELOTRIC Discover 1 Urban Commuter E-bike for a few weeks now. We can’t imagine a life without it.

From errands daily, commuting to meetings in the city, weekend bike excursions, and daily RV life, the new Discover1 Ebike represents your lifestyle, specialties, and personality.

We hope you love reading about the VELOTRIC Discover 1 Urban Commuter Ebike. If you decide you want to try one yourself risk-free with their 14-day return policy, please use our link. You get $700 off, and it helps support us and our travels!

As native New Yorkers, we value all forms of transit that aren’t cars. Micro-mobility and mass transit were our primary forms of transportation until we moved into our Forester motorhome. Even now, we don’t travel with an additional tow car.

We stay in all types of places in our Forester RV, including state and national parks, gay campgrounds, and urban RV resorts. We boondock anywhere from Bureau of Land Management dispersed camping, to Harvest Hosts, to highway rest stops . Planning our shopping while we travel between stops and using delivery services allows us to take care of most of our errands.

Most is the operative word there. Even after over two years as full-time digital nomads, we still sometimes need to take care of some tasks while the RV is parked and set up. Plus, we love to get out and explore our area. This is when we pull the bikes off the rack and head out for a ride!

However, we have run into a few main issues with counting on just our regular hybrid road bikes. First, sometimes if you are running errands, you need a little more power so you can transport items easily. Secondly, sometimes we are just far away from where we need to be, and we would prefer to get there without making it an athletic event. And third, since Benji’s ankle broke last year, he is still limited with how hard he can pedal.

So, when our friends at VELOTRIC saw us on TikTok, they reached out and offered us a brand new Velotric Discover1 Ebike to try.

In exchange for this free ebike, we promised to share with you our honest opinions about our VELOTRIC experience and how we use the Discover1. That means this is a sponsored post. And every word is our genuine opinion, which can not be bought.

We tried it, love it, and we absolutely recommend the VELOTRIC Discover1 Ebike to anyone commuting through the city, running errands from their RV, or on a hay ride at a gay campground.

The VELOTRIC Discover 1 Urban Commuter Ebike is at its lowest price ever through this entire month with our link. Normally $1,899, click our link to receive $700 off. The VELOTRIC DISCOVER 1 URBAN COMMUTER EBIKE can be yours right now for $1,199 with free shipping, if you buy after clicking our link.

Choose Your Ebike Color

The first and most important choice about your new VELOTRIC Discover1 Ebike is which color to get!

Our first instincts were to choose Indigo Grey or Pearl White. In NYC, keeping a low profile with any bike color can be helpful. Plus it matches every New Yorker’s standard daily neutral wardrobe.

But then, we realized we want to have a bit more fun while we are still out on the road. We spend a lot of time at gay campgrounds, on beaches, and in Palm Springs, so we wanted to show our personalities. Cyan and Mango are the fun choices, and cyan was backordered at the time.

So, we picked mango.

In addition to just choosing the color, you can also pick your style of bike. We selected the standard VELOTRIC Discover1 Ebike step-through model. They also offer a high-step version, but we like to be able to hop on and off easily. Especially because we are different heights.

There is also a brand new Nomad1 Ebike model, which shares many of the features of the Discover1 and has fat tires. We hope to try this one out soon.

BIG NEWS: Velotric has officially introduced the Nomad 1. It has all the same benefits as the Discover 1 that you are about to read below, with a big fat durable tire for all terrain. To celebrate the launch, for this month only receive $200 off plus 20% discount on all accessories with our link.

Set Up

Our VELOTRIC Discover1 arrived for us to pick up as planned at a FedEx store on our route. Of course, your ebike can be shipped directly to you at your own home or timed to your arrival at a campground. If you receive shipments via an RV mail service like Escapees, which we usually highly recommend, in this case you may not want to use their package forwarding. The VELOTRIC Discover1 is about 80lb (37kg) so it could be costly to make that final journey to you.

Brendon opening the VELOTRIC Discover 1 box inside our RV

Get out there and ride together! In addition to the $700 off each bike this month by clicking our link, you can get an extra $250 off if you buy two. Just make sure to click our link, add to your cart, and use the code BUYTWO before checking out.

Unboxing was easy and fun.

VELOTRIC greeted us with easy-to-follow instructions and a bag with every tool we could need in the box. The mostly pre-assembled Discover1 required us to connect the large pieces and attach a few details.

Assembly is a relatively simple task easily performed by one person. Still, it could be helpful to have a second person with you to help. Essentially, you attach the handlebars to the frame, put on the pedals, and attach a few other final touches.

A few pro tips we learned for assembly:

  • Sometimes, the packaging materials were attached in a way that made it seem almost like they were a part of the bike, which confused us at first. But as soon as we realized what was happening, it was easy to figure out.
  • Make sure you have enough space to spread out. Don’t make the mistake we did, trying to assemble the ebike inside the RV at first because it was drizzling outside.
  • The step-by-step written instructions are almost too simple. We recommend scanning the QR code and watching the videos to guide you through setup.
  • There is no shame in taking it to any local bike store for a professional to put together. If, for any reason, you aren’t confident that you can do it yourself safely. It might cost around $100, so you are still way ahead if you used our link to save $700 on your VELOTRIC Discover1 Urban Commuter Ebike.

Your First Ride On Your VELOTRIC Discover 1

Whoa, you are in for a treat.

As you step on the pedals and swing your leg over, you will feel the solid construction. The bike will give just enough bounce to let you hop on comfortably and know the shocks are working, but not so much that it feels flimsy like some other ebikes.

Take a few minutes to get comfortable riding without any boost. A few turns and circles will make you feel the slight differences if you haven’t used an ebike before. Then, use the computer controls on the left handle to go to Level 1, start to pedal, and whoosh! The E part of Ebike kicks in, and you will accelerate to about 10mph (16kph) in just seconds!

From there, it’s a delicate dance to quickly learn how to switch between boost levels and brake while not boosting. Pro tip: try to train yourself not to pedal through turns. You can always use the pedal-free BOOST button by your right hand.

And, of course, make sure to use the included bell to ding your way to safety at all times.

Tech Specs

Designed by a team that includes the founders of Lime, you know the VELOTRIC Discover1 is going to be a solid piece of machinery with that kind of experience backing it up.

  • One whole week of smooth and fast riding
    • 692watt-hours Tesla-grade battery
    • 60-mile range, 50% longer than similar commuter ebikes
  • Easily remove the battery from the bike for charging
  • Throttle-assist for smooth riding
  • Premium quality components
    • Shimano 7-speed gears
    • 500w/900peak power motor, backed by UL Certification
  • 87-degree straight-back posture design and step-through frame for short kings at 5’1” through tall queens at 6’9”
  • Integrated kickstand, headlight, rear brake light, bell, and extra-comfortable adjustable seat

How We Use Our Discover1

Our VELOTRIC Discover1 Urban Commuter Ebike is now essential to our lives. Whether you travel full-time in your RV, work as full-time digital nomads, or are just looking for a better way to get around the city, we know you will also use it daily.

Our first test rides were around the gay campground, on a “hay ride.” What’s a hay ride, you ask? Good question!

It’s when you go around the gay campground to say heeeey to everyone! Here we are at Triangle Recreation Campground near Seattle, Washington, meeting all sorts of new friends.

Our next stop was in Vancouver, British Columbia. We rode across the Lions Gate Bridge to meet our Canadian friends and run errands downtown. We then used the Discover1 in Banff, Alberta, to get from our RV at the top of Tunnel Mountain down into the city to eat and explore.

Now that we knew the VELOTRIC Discover1 Ebike was perfect for our everyday needs, we took it out on the mountain bike trails. As long as we stayed on well-groomed paths, it was a blast riding through nature.

Battery Life

The removable battery was charged to about ⅗ when we received it, and we used it for three days before charging once it was at ⅕. To charge the Velotric Discover 1 Urban Commuter E-Bike, simply remove the battery and plug it in to the included charger.

Velotric has also thought about security for your investment. A set of keys are included, which you will need to remove the battery from the frame. You can charge the battery both in and out of the frame.

After the first full charge, we rode a few hours every day for over 14 days before charging again. It is incredible to have this type of battery life when out on the road as digital nomads in our motorhome. When we are back in NYC, we’ll be able to ride to and from work for over two weeks and leave the bike in the bike room.

We did notice the charger got pretty hot while charging, so make sure to let it have air circulation while in use.

Traveling With Our Discover1 In The RV

Our existing bike rack on the rear hitch of our Forester RV motorhome cannot support the Discover1, so we have been traveling with it inside. We will hopefully upgrade our bike rack soon and update you with some suggestions.

Explaining All The Button Controls

The entire bike is controlled from a little trip computer on your left handlebar.

You press the up and down buttons to choose your level of e-boost:

  • Level 0: No boost, pedal power only
  • Level 1: Low boost, about 10mph
  • Level 2: Medium boost, about 15mph
  • Level 3: High boost, about 20mph

While you are walking alongside your bike, you can hold the down button to engage a 3mph walking mode.

Holding the up button will turn on and off the headlight. You don’t need to control the rear light, as it functions as a red brake light and lights up any time you pull the brakes.

Besides those simple functions, everything else on the trip computer is informational. By scrolling through, check out your current, max, average speed, and more.


Overall, we love our VELOTRIC Discover1 Urban Commuter Ebike and think you will too. Use our link to receive $600 off the already-reasonable price, and feel secure knowing you have 14 days to return it if you decide it’s not for you.


  • Super fun colors that received lots of compliments
  • Incredible price, just $1199 when you order using our link (typically $1899)
  • Rock-solid construction
  • Impressive speeds up to 20mph
  • Boost using pedals or a switch
  • Built-in headlight
  • Ships with all the tools you need for installation
  • 14-day return policy and helpful customer support
  • Extra options to protect your shipment from porch pirates or other delivery issues


  • A bit heavy at 70lbs, when you are pedaling manually without the e-boost
  • It doesn’t fit on our existing RV hitch bike rack, so we are getting a new one
  • A few elements of the written setup instructions could be more precise, so watch the videos
  • Need to provide your own rear light, as the one included only functions as a brake light
  • Charger runs very hot while in use

A Note

Our first unit had brake issues, so we worked with Velotric’s stellar customer service to receive a replacement bike. They also offered for us to take it to a local bike shop and reimburse us for the cost. So no matter what you choose, their team is prepared to provide a proper resolution if you have any issues.

Conclusion about our Velotric Ebike for our RV lifestyle:

We love our Velotric Discover1 Urban Commuter Ebike and think you will too. The color options range from slick and standard to shiny and statement. The ebike is shipped to you mostly assembled, so you only have a few steps to take before your first ride. The electric boost is robust and a joy to use even at its lowest level.

Whether in a city or RV, at gay campgrounds or public parks, the Velotric Discover1 is for you.

We use affiliate links throughout our site. Beginning your shopping journey by clicking our links helps support us at no additional cost to you. To help make sure your purchase is credited to us, please click the link and check out within the same session if possible.

We received a free Discover1 Ebike from VELOTRIC, but we never promise positive reviews. We only promise the truth. All views are our own.

Do you use an ebike in your RV life as digital nomads, or bring one to gay campgrounds? Have you tried the VELOTRIC Discover 1 or Nomad 1 ebike? Tell us in the comments below!


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