3 quick design upgrades to level up your RV interior

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Are you moving into your new RV and it feels a bit bland? Have you been a digital nomad for a while and want to change things up?

These 3 design upgrades are the key to leveling up your RV interior.

The space you occupy and your visual surroundings dramatically impact your mood and happiness. So leaving the RV looking like it just left the dealer lot isn’t good for your health.

There is some added pressure on you if you are a gay couple traveling together, as everyone in the gay campgrounds likes to show off their interior designs.


You probably assumed that having a bright red fire extinguisher in your RV by the door is an unavoidable eyesore. It is visual clutter and stands out like a sore thumb in photos

Of course, fire extinguishers are usually bright red for a good reason – high visibility during an emergency. That is an undeniable good thing. But what if you knew a secret design trick that not many people know? There is another high visibility color approved for RV fire extinguishers.

The design-friendly color of fire extinguishers is silver. A semi-glossy silver coating still evident but blends into the background of photos and peripheral vision.

You can take your old one and place it somewhere else in the RV or outside where you can reach it easily.


When you see photos of RV renovations, the item that always stands out most to us is the tile backsplash.

The area around your stove and kitchen is large enough that it deserves to have its own visual style.

A real tile backsplash doesn’t make sense in an RV, though. Tiles are heavy, and these tin-can-on-wheels walls begin to rattle and squeak once you hit highway speed and will fall off.

Now you can get the look of natural tile in your RV, adding a touch of class and design in the form of stickers. Yep, stickers. Here is how to install a tile backsplash in your RV:

You can cut these tiles with any pair of decent scissors or with a blade on a safe surface. The way the individual tiles interact with each other gives you a decent margin of error, so your new backsplash will look fantastic even with a few knicks or odd lines.

Two pieces of advice:

Measure carefully. We got a bit too confident that we could hand-cut the scissors in straight lines and ended up having to do a few do-overs. Fortunately, the pack of 10 had more than enough tiles to cover our wall by the stove.

Consider adding an adhesive spray. While these tiles won’t chip and crack like real tiles, the constant movement and changing humidity can cause slight warping after a few months. We reapplied ours after seven months with the spray adhesive, and it has stuck perfectly since then. The spray adhesive was simple to spray and use. Just make sure your windows are open, fans are on, and you aren’t doing it anywhere near your propane detector without covering it first.



Suppose your apartment in the city is full of gorgeous and meaningful pieces of art on the wall that you have collected over the years. In that case, you are going to be as disappointed as we were when we realized how very limited the usable wall space in your RV actually is.

When we first moved into the RV, we spent a lot of time explaining our surroundings on Zoom. By placing a large piece of framed art behind where we take our video calls, you can keep any colleagues that aren’t thrilled with your digital nomad lifestyle from asking too many questions.

With walls that slide in and out, layers of unknown construction materials, and the ever-present fear of creating water leaks, we found only a few spots to put a very few pieces of art.

And of course, proper art frames are heavy, expensive, easily damaged – everything you do not want in your moving house.

Pick your favorite art that can withstand some wear and tear (i.e., a poster print or an original that the memory could enhance if it gets damaged) and match it to the closest size of these lightweight low-profile frames.

Lightweight is essential because not only do you have to consider things like fuel economy and tow capacity, but also whatever method you use to hang your art needs to be able to support it as well easily.

Low profile is crucial because it keeps the room from looking too cluttered while still giving texture to the framed pieces. Also, it allows the two works of art we have hung on slide walls:

Your new art in lightweight frames, with a choice of glossy or matte cover both in the box, come in all shapes and sizes. Most of ours hang with a generous serving of Command Strips. Our largest, we added a few anchors and screws for added support.


Making your space your own is essential for staying happy and healthy on the road and creating Instagramable photos all day.

Add tile backsplash to your kitchen area and coordinate the colors of your plates and other kitchen items. Maintain your safety with an eye-pleasing swap of your fire extinguisher. You can now hang memories on the walls to add the final touch and make your new RV feel at home.

How have you decorated your RV or city apartment? Did you do it when you moved in? Or did you decorate and design piece by piece throughout your adventure? Let us know in the comments and DM us photos @theforesterboys on Instagram.


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