Prevent everything from rattling around on travel day with this adjustable solution

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Travel day is exciting, right? You spend the day seeing new parts of the country, little cities, etc.

But the downside of a travel day is that you have to deal with the fact that all your stuff is not designed to be in transit.

As you enjoy you ride, all of the items you own are in the back holding on for safety. Plates rattle around in cabinets while food bounces around the refrigerator.

Until you get these adjustable tension poles to hold everything in place.

Sounds risky, right? Tension rods. We have all probably had the experience of a shower curtain tension rod falling.

But these are lightweight and custom designed for RVs to do one thing and only one thing very well – hold things in place.


We have used the same RV Adjustable Tension Rods for over 2 years, and none have failed.

We have a set of wooden colored rods in the cabinets.

We built little cages for rows of glasses that stay in place all the time.

Tension rods create channels that hold our glasses in place while traveling and still provide easy access.

Other rods tension from the top of the plates and bowls, up to the ceiling. We twist these on quickly before we depart. Our plates are heavy and not designed to be rattled around, and these have always held them.

Tension rods from the top of our dish stacks prevent rattling and damage while we travel. We remove them at each stop.

In the fridge, we use a white set of these miracle tension rods to hold everything against the back, unable to spill.

You can add two bars horizontally – one along the shelf and one in the second shelf grooves. That’s what we do.

Don’t over-tighten the tension rods, as you should never overtighten anything in your RV. Twist until you have a strong grip, and test by gently tapping the rod.

While we’re at it, check out these silverware holders that basically triple our storage space while keeping everything in place during travel.

These triple-decker silverware holders keep everything accessible and in thier place.

And don’t forget all the other accessories you need for your RV fridge, including this little battery-operated fan that prevents the food in the back from getting frozen.

Read about all of the ways we manage our food and get groceries in the RV here.

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