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What are we watching this season on TV and streaming?

Binge-watch with Benji for some of the newest and best shows on Hulu this Fall.

Everyone thinks our life is a full-time outdoor adventure. Working from our RV and traveling to gay campgrounds sounds like a permanent vacation, right?. But the truth is that, as digital nomads based in NYC, we watch as much as most people in their regular city apartments would.

Why do we watch a lot of TV? First, the weather isn’t always cooperative. Life in an RV involves a lot of chores and unexpected work. Sometimes we even want to watch fun shows about our next destination, to get in the vibe.

So we decided it is OK to relax and enjoy TV, even if we always tell each other that we should watch less.

Sit down and join us in your RV, on your phone, in your highrise apartment, or wherever you find yourself, open Hulu, and enjoy! Then, you can get outside!

Internet For Streaming Everywhere

People always ask how we do video editing work and stream when we are in such remote locations. The truth is, we have broadband connections everywhere except in the most absolutely secluded and wooded places.

Here’s what we use in our RV for internet everywhere:

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet - Now in your RV! Click here to get started now.

We never have to wonder about data service after we set up in every new location. Plus, we use Speedify software to bond the connections together if we need a little reinforcement.

We use the existing in-wall coaxial wiring, non-HDCP compliant HDMI splitters, and some HDMI-to-Coax adapters, to make all of our TVs show the same thing. That way, we can play our favorites in the background, and instead of sitting in one spot, we can walk around. We can see and hear our Hulu shows outside, in both rooms, and even in the bathroom. We have more TVs in the RV than we ever had in our Financial District apartment.

Why Hulu?

I had subscribed to Hulu since pretty much day one when it was owned by most of the major networks together and was supposed to be the one central place to stream everything. It had ads, but only one or two short spots per episode. And, the interface just worked. It was easy to find everything. There were exclusively network TV options, as Hulu wouldn’t begin making their own content for years.

Of course, Hulu is now a grown-up in the streaming industry, and it’s sort of a mess. It is frustrating to navigate the new interface. If you don’t pay for the ad-free tier, it’s tedious to watch all the ads that you can’t skip. But, it still has all the great shows from ABC, Disney, and Fox, plus their own originals that can be great. There are classic comedies that we like to play on repeat in the background. Give Hulu a shot for your streaming portfolio, and if you get the ad-free tier, we think you’ll really enjoy it!

Here’s what we are excited about this season on Hulu:

Abbott Elementary

Stream on Hulu, watch on ABC

No surprise that this “everyone’s favorite” kicks off our season. We have enjoyed Abbott Elementary since the first preview episode on Hulu last year.

This charming story, led by creator and writer Quinta Brunson, somehow manages to bring a level of humanity to a Philadelphia underfunded elementary school. It’s a chronicle of teachers just trying to do their best, with surprising and hilarious obstacles always in their way.

Clearly, he's very, very good.

Navigating a caring but inept boss, parents who don’t know what they want but know they don’t want to let the teachers do their job. We get to see these unappreciated teachers with hearts of gold balance their personal lives.

There's nothing wrong with having some room for improvement.

A cute gay character in Abbott Elementary, Jacob, is played perfectly by Chris Perfetti. While it is not groundbreaking in 2022 for a network comedy to have LGBT characters, the way Jacob came out to viewers was unique. He didn’t. Mr. Hill was just himself, being himself, while demonstrating his passion for teaching.

It's me. I'm your boy.

And did I mention it’s hilarious? There’s a little bit of a The Office meets Modern Family vibe, but it isn’t afraid to stop and talk about real issues like Mary Tyler Moore was known to do. These stories are so unique; you have never seen anything like them before.

Who woulda thought?

The first episode of Season 2 was released on Hulu and airs on ABC. It is about the days before the school year starts, called Development Days. So sit down and watch it together with anyone, it’s totally family-friendly.

Abbott Elementary is available to stream on Hulu, with new episodes of Season 2 every Thursday. In addition, all episodes from Season 1 are available to binge now.


The Handmaid’s Tale

Stream on Hulu

If Abbott Elementary makes you believe there still is some good left in society, The Handmaid’s Tale will immediately bring you back to reality.

This season’s two-episode premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale went heavy and dark, but with some actual moments of love and comedy that were unexpected.

By his hand.

The dynamics of Gilead have changed, and the family at the center of power is broken. Serena has to make sure that she does not disappear into oblivion. Or worse, now that it is known she is fertile, designated a Handmaid herself.

The entire premiere felt like a continuation of everything we have known, and I almost decided that I may skip out on the rest of this season. But that all changes in the final moment.

You'll just have to be my very good girl.

Serena welcomes the rest of the world into Gilead for the first time, and with one glance, brings June into this new adventure with a cunning and strategic smirk. I can’t wait to see what happens next as the story of Gilead becomes the true story of Serena and June.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 airs a new episode every Wednesday. You can catch up on all the previous seasons with a binge anytime.



Stream on Hulu

Have you ever wondered what it’s like when the cast of a popular show from your childhood decides to get back together for a reboot? Especially if the cast was full of drama and disfunction the first time.

Well, watch what happens when Hannah, played by the authentic and would-be-friends-in-real-life Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex Girlfriend), pitches a reboot of the fake hit family sitcom Step Right Up to Hulu.

Hannah is joined in the cast by Keegan-Michael Kay, Johnny Knoxville, and Paul Reiser. I know, I know. I loved Paul Reiser in Mad About You, but I couldn’t imagine enjoying any show with Johnny Knoxville. However, Johnny knows who he is and what his past is, and irreverently makes it work. In fact, even Hulu is an unsuspecting character in the film, represented by a delightful brand new VP of Comedy who probably has never told a joke in her life.

Reboot is the first truly laugh-out-loud comedy we have seen in years, and I’m glad we gave it a chance even though, on paper it didn’t seem like something we would enjoy. I hope they give it a full season,

New episodes of Reboot are available on Hulu every week. The first four are ready to binge now.


What else are you watching on Hulu this Fall season? Let us know in the comments below.

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