How To Get In-Motion Satellite High-Speed Starlink While You Drive

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Starlink RV Satellite Internet Broadband Service has been a game changer for digital nomads working full-time from an RV.

In the past, space-based internet was limited geographically, tediously slow, and prohibitively expensive. A few providers controlled the market and showed no signs of improving service.

Starlink’s internet service is the opposite. It is high-speed, relatively reasonably priced, and easy to use. Until last year, only certain locations were eligible for Starlink, but then the RV service was launched.

We also use T-Mobile Home Internet, Verizon LTE Home Internet, an AT&T unlimited 5G business hotspot, and a King mobile booster to keep us connected. Most importantly, we use the Winegard ConnecT2.0 as our local 2.4ghz network, providing always-on connections to our entire smart-home RV system.

RV service on Starlink is considered deprioritized. That means that Starlink users who have fixed-location residential service in your area have data priority, and you get what is left. We typically get speeds of 125 down and 40 up during off-peak hours, and 30 up and 12 down during high usage times.

But now, Starlink has teamed up with Winegard to introduce Flat High Performance Starlink for RVs.


Experience the ultimate satellite internet with the Flat High-Performance Starlink. The Flat High-Performance Starlink enables high-speed, low-latency connectivity while in-motion, improved uptime and permanent installation. It’s the perfect solution for adventure seekers who want the best internet.

Designed for mobility applications and challenging environments, the Flat High-Performance Starlink enables better speeds at high temperatures, can connect to more satellites, and is more resilient to extreme environments.

Starlink is the leader in providing satellite internet for RVs. Winegard is the leader in providing connectivity to RVs, including LTE hotspots, WiFi repeaters, powerful antennas, and more. It just makes sense that Winegard would partner with Starlink to put this new in-motion service out into the RV market.

Can I Use Starlink RV While Driving?

One fact about the standard Starlink RV Service is that you are not able to use it in-motion while driving. That means you need to set up and break down the dish every time.

We found the perfect storage container for Starlink. See the video and get your unit here.

Now, you can opt for Starlink RV High-Performance that is designed to be used while in-motion! The cost of both the Starlink hardware and service are significantly higher than standard Starlink RV service, but it might be worth it to you if your work requires an always-on connection.

What Happens If I Try To Use Standard Starlink RV While Driving?

There have been rumors of people mounting their standard RV Starlink Dish to the roof of their RV or van and using it in-motion, but doing this completely voids your warranty and due to the configuration of the satellites will not give you any type of quality broadband service. We do not recommend this.

So Then How Can I Use Starlink While Driving My RV?

To use Starlink internet while driving your RV or other vehicle, all you need to do is order the Flat High-Performance Starlink RV hardware, instead of the Standard RV hardware.

How Do I Buy Starlink High-Performance In-Motion Service For RVs?

It’s easy! Using our special link or the images on this page, just click to order on the Winegard site. You can also add any other Winegard accessories and professional installation. You’ll receive the hardware from Winegard and Starlink will reach out to you to activate the service.

By clicking our special affiliate link, you get a special deal on Starlink Flat High-Performance RV Service and Hardware, and we get a little bit of payment back to us, at no additional cost to you. Starting your shopping with our affiliate links really supports us!

How Do I Mount Starlink High-Performance To My RV?

Once you purchase the hardware and sign up for the service, the next step is to mount your new Dishy McFlatface to your RV roof. (For some reason, Starlink decided to name their dish hardware this.)

If you are the DIY type, you can search for all sorts of articles and videos describing exactly how to mount it. Otherwise, because you are talking about some very expensive equipment mounted to some other very expensive equipment traveling at high speeds in all sorts of weather, we recommend professional installation.

How Is Flat High-Performance Starlink For RVs Different From Standard Starlink RV Service?

There are three main differences between Starlink Standard RV and Starlink High-Performance RV services.

  • The High-Performance Dish has a more sensitive receiver and wider field-of-vision. That means it can see more satellites in the sky at any given time, resulting in a more stable connection to the internet.
  • The Starlink High-Perfomance Dish can be mounted to your RV roof and used while in-motion, while the Standard Dish can only be used while stationary.
  • The High-Performance Starlink Dish is significantly more expensive than the Standard Starlink RV Dish.

How Is Flat High-Performance Starlink For RVs Similar To Standard Starlink RV Service?

Other than the initial hardware costs and the list above, the High-Performance Starlink is similar to Starlink RV.

  • Both services can be paused at any time. You are billed monthly and can pause at any time. (Note: you need to pause service at least eight days before your billing date for the next month.)
  • Both services are considered de-prioritized on the Starlink network. As we said above, we haven’t noticed this being a problem for us with speeds. Starlink Business high-priority plans are available but so expensive that no RVer would probably justify the cost.
  • Both services connect to your phone app and come with a WiFi router for you to use.

Will I Have Internet 100% Of The Time With Starlink High-Performance For RVs.

Unfortunately, the answer to this is still no. Like every terrestrial or space-based internet, there are restrictions and limitations. Your device has to be able to see the satellites, and the laws of physics place some limitations on that.

When you are in a service area and driving on wide-open roads, you can expect top performance and 99%+ uptime. Any time you drive under trees, around mountains, into canyons, or under a bridge, expect short- or long-term interruptions in your service.

What Can I Do With Starlink Flat High-Performance For RVs While Driving?

While driving, you can use Starlink High-Performance For RVs to do anything you would with a fiber or LTE/5G connection or standard Starlink! Check email, browse the web, etc. Starlink, in general, does have some limitations. They claim to have low latency, but I still find the latency of 80-120 too high for uninterrupted gaming or video calls. Streaming movies and TV always works for us, because any short interruptions are mitigated by the streaming service buffering.

What Can I Do With Starlink Flat High-Performance For RVs While I Am Parked?

When you are parked a campground, an RV park, or boondocking, you can use your Starlink Flat High-Perforamnce For RVs service to do anything you can do with any Starlink service. Just like when you are driving, but without the risk of more frequent service interruptions.

What If I Don’t Need My Starlink Service For A Few Months?

If you don’t need your Starlink RV service for a few months, you can pause it at any time. Just go into the support tab of your Starlink app. Pro tip: make sure you cancel at least 8 days before your next billing cycle, or you will have to pay for one more month.

Conclusions About Starlink Flat High-Performance In-Motion RV Service

Overall, this is a huge advancement for the digital nomad community. Never has such high-speed coverage been available at such a wide scale. (T-Mobile Home Internet comes close!)

The limitations of High-Performance Starlink RV Service while in-motion are the exact same as the Standard Service, but expect more interruptions as you drive under bridges, through tunnels, and around mountains.

If the upfront cost of the hardware for the Starlink High-Performance Flat Dish RV Service is too much for you, or you are OK with taking your dish down and back up regularly, then stick with the Standard Starlink RV Service.

Let’s all hope for the next-generation of internet everywhere without any interruptions at all!

Do you have Starlink RV Service? What do you think about it? Considering Starlink High-Performance In-Motion RV Service? Let us know in the comments below!


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