Coyote Car Wash – RV Wash Review – Shelby, MT

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We spent the night nearby at the Shelby municipal campground at Lake Sheloole in our 32ft Class C 2021 Forest River Forester motor home. Here is our review of washing our RV at Coyote Car Wash in Shelby, MT.

The TripleBRV at Shelby Municipal Campground

After crossing the US/Canada border at Sweetgrass, the front of our RV was absolutely covered in bugs. Maybe the worst it has ever been after yesterday’s 4-hour drive.

Our cab was covered with bugs from the ride across the US/Canada border at Sweetgrass to Shelby, MT.

There are 2 open garage bays, that seemed more than big enough to handle most large passenger vehicles.

View of Coyote Car Wash from Oilfield Ave in Shelby MT

There was also the exterior wash on the side, which we used.

View from the back of Coyote Car Wash, with our motorhome at the exterior bay. The vehicle parked behind us is at the vacuum/carpet wash station.

This was one of the nicer self-car washes we have been to. It was noticeably lacking all the dinginess that many self car washes usually have.

The hoses on the outdoor bay looked and felt brand new, and the nozzle was lightweight and easy to hold.

The hose swinging mechanism at the exterior bay of the Coyote Car Wash is high enough to clear our 11’3” motorhome.

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover logos were on the card reader. We used a Mastercard, and didn’t bother to use our usual Amex. So we don’t know if it would have worked. One swipe was $2.50, which put 6min30sec on the countdown. It also accepts quarters.

Selections included rinse, soap, foam brush, and clear coat wax. We don’t ever use the foam brushes.

This clear coat wax indicated it needed a final rinse and we were running low on time, so we only used the high/low pressure soap and rinse.

Switching from rinse to soap and back, it took a reasonable amount of time, about 45 sec, for the water to get soapy and then go clear again.

There are no specific soaps for tire/engine wash or a hydrophobic coating and other less used cleaners.

We also used our own Bug Remover from Mary Moppins RV Wash products between the initial rinse and soap. We highly recommend Mary Moppins for your own RV washing with just a single bucket of water.

And don’t forget Unique products for your holding tank cleaning.

The overhead mechanism that allows the hose to go all the way around the RV was high enough that we didn’t hit our solar panels, and the hose was new and rigid enough that it didn’t get floppy and stuck on our awnings.

In addition to the wash bays, there was a vacuum that accepts quarters and, uniquely, a carpet wash machine that accepted quarters and cards with settings for carpet rinse, washes, and protectors in addition to just the wet vac.

There were also vending machines for other auto detailing products.

Overall, this is one of the better self-washes we have used for the RV. No frills, clean, functional, and reasonably priced. We used 5 swipes of our card to clean the RV, which took almost 35 mins, totaling $12.50.

Our review of Coyote Car Wash in Shelby, MT, is five-star, and we highly recommend stopping here to get the bugs off your RV.

Coyote Car Wash

860 Oilfield Ave, Shelby, MT 59474

G47V+JV Shelby, Montana



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